Friday, 19 September 2008

Shell story continued...

Small whelk. Large whelk.

Been up all hours cutting and sticking, I am dead to the bone. The Giant Whelk was a massive wrestle, getting it out of nothing but air and me contorted on tip toe reaching 100s of feet down into never-ending spirals, into the hard to reach corners . Htr = local authority bureauspeak, knocking at the doors of 'obese families'. Nannies. nannies. nannies.

Below: touching on the beginnings of mankind and his meddling with nature. This one shows the collapse of Lehmon Brothers and the subsequest take over of all banks and insurance companies by shellfish. In fact total world take over by shellfish. We are all small (sea) ants in the end. Yes I am pissed and in need of somone witty and cynical with which to share my rants. Anyone out there?

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captain autumn said...

love the shells! organic, delicate, strong yet fragile. like our banking i know what my broker meant by offshore investments...will northern rock be taken over and become northern rock lobster do you think? what about bradford ant bingley?