Thursday, 11 September 2008

Inside Out Performance Peices

Satelitte Arts is doing some participatory workshops for the Inside Out Festival this year, to celebrate the handover of the Cultural Olympiad this September. Next weekend Weymouth will be hosting Xarxa Theatre, a fantastic Spanish physical theatre company, doing their show Veles y Vents, on Bowleaze Cove.

We (Sally Watkins, Wendy Petit de Mange and I) are running 3 projects with young people in Weymouth and Portland. These photos show the first project at Royal Manor School on Portland in the last 2 days, all crammed in, visual, theatre and sound, into 2 days.

The masks will be displayed at the reception for Xarxa on September 26th, at the Waterside Holiday Reception area...(god knows what its name is...). So we have done a performanc peice with 20 Year 7 kids, aged 11-12, based on a mythical 'Selkie' story about a woman who is half seal, half human, is stolen away by a fisherman and whom eventually returns to her home in the sea. Wendy did amazing performance work, I did the masks, thanks again to the scrap store for supplying the best materials ever, the kids were more creative then they would have been otherwise.

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