Thursday, 12 June 2008

Pop Up and Armada Developments

More birthday cards, this one I really enjoyed doing.

I am spending all my time making, today worked with 30 school children on Portland making waves from willow and tissue paper, made a nasty mess on the newly polished floor with blue dye which took ages to remove,, lots of unhappy teachers scrubbing the floor when they should have been going home... But it was fun and energetic and the kids loved it. The waves will form an important part of the Armada on the Esplanada procession.

Making a massive Elizabeth I in the living room, from waist upwards she is so far 5 foot and has an armspan of about 6 foot, complete with english flag in one hand and a sword in the other. She looks more like Terminator and should be wielding a machine gun.

Here are the models for the Armada, except there will be 100s more waves and galleons and it will be in glorious technicolour.


ralf said...

awesome. i love ur creavity.

emeraldant said...

hi Ralf
thanks for your comment, you're the first to say anything. Don't know if you will get this, so if not, let me know how I can see your blog.