Sunday, 22 June 2008

Armada Developments...

I've been running away with the Armada this weekend.

Behold the grand birth of Phillip II of Spain. (Big Thanks to Mark R).

A bit of a pansy, but nevertheless ooozing Iberian charm, he is cultivating an artistic Salvador Dali Moustache and will wear a frill-laden ruff upon his dainty neck.

In the following days Phil will be brought to life by pupils of Wey Valley School; proudly surveying his flanks from a great Spanish galleon. (Flanks of other galleons, not buttocks.)

Below, Elizabeth in construction, with and without skin, together with young people from Royal Manor School who have been building her in the last week, what a fantastic bunch they are.

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3c said...

Hello, I found your blog on behalf of one of the children coming to one of your workshops. She is very excited about taking part and the puppets look wonderful.

However . . . I'm wondering whether describing Weymouth and Portland as a 'backwater' (whether or not it is or it isn't, whether it's a joke or not) may be not entirely helpful on a public forum?

Incidentally, the blog I'm commenting from is a new one which I started only a few days ago. It's still finding its feet but I'm planning to include items of local interest. If you would like anything about your workshop to appear on it, then let me know.