Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Armada Down the Esplanada

This summer Maggie Foottit and I will be working with 45 school kids in Weymouth and Portland on a spectacular piece of Carnival Procession for the Spirit of the Sea Festival in Weymouth, Dorset, on July 12th.

Inspired by Weymouth's role in defeating the Spanish Armada in 1588, we will be creating a scene of royal resplendence; a giant Queen Liz I, with jewells, wig and all, and similalrly large King Phil of Spain; a bit of a panzy with flowing locks, bows and puffs; all fantastically swashbuckling and nautical. Both puppets will be constructed out of willow and tissue paper. The monarchs will be flanked by fleets of billowing galleons, and rasping waves, complete with streamers and ribbons.

Here's the more corporate bit - Spirit of the Sea is a nine day festival of independently organised and funded marine events that sit under the title name 'Spirit Of The Sea'. The festival involves local businesses, organisations, and people and is part of the cultural build up to the 2012 UK Olympics. The cultural Olympiad. The event also includes the 2012 Weymouth and Portland hosted Olympic sailing events. If you are a local artist and want to get involved in the Cultural Olympiad you may wish to join Weymouth Artists Network (WAN).

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